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Subscription. Deadline- June 15th each Year. (See e-Mayflower info below *)



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New members are welcome to apply for membership through December 1st, 2018. Please make checks payable to “Wollaston Garden Club” and bring your check to the next club meeting with the completed application and submit it. Or, the application & dues may be mailed to Assistant Treasurer, Marnie Dunn, 31 Washington Park Rd., Braintree, MA 02184. There is no pro-rating of fees if you do wish to join between December 1 and May 31, so you may wish to attend meetings as a guest during that period.

* e-“Mayflower”, is now available at no charge and will be sent electronically each quarter to all members who supply an email address. You can also receive a print copy of the Mayflower for a yearly $12.00 subscription.


NAME: ____________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE: _________________________ Cell Phone (if desired):_______________________ EMAIL: ________________________________
Please list Friends or Family who are WGC members: _________________________________________ My Garden Club related interests are: ____________________________________________________


CLUB COMMITTEES: Members must serve on at least two club committees. Please check off the committees you wish to serve on in 2018-2019. Descriptions of Committees are attached. All members are also asked to assist the Hospitality Committee by providing refreshments occasionally during the year.


___ Awards/Archives (A)                      ___ Hospitality: (H)                 

___ Civic Beautification: (CB)                ___ Membership (M)

___ Conservation (C)                              ___ Program (P)
___ Floral Arrangement: (FA)                ___ Press & Publicity (P&P)

___ Greens Sale (GS)                            ___ Plant Sale (PS)

___ Garden Therapy (GT)                      ___ Youth (Y)



Please let us know whether you normally will attend day meetings ____, night meetings_____, or both _____. Members are welcome at all meetings, and this does not commit you to one or the other, but is simply to help us plan for the correct number of attendees at each meeting.

*Are you interested in having your garden on a WGC 2019 Summer Garden Tour? _____



For Office Use: Date Received: ________ Paid: ________ Ck # __________Initials: _____ Date Board Approved ______________________ Club Mentor________________________

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