February 2016

Paul Split, a popular writer, lecturer and gourmet cook gave a lively and entertaining lecture entitled “Plan it, Plant it, Pick it and Prepare it”.  His program covered all aspects of planning the garden in terms of selecting the type of plants to include, placement of each type, and the care needed for each.  He ended the program by making a salad dressing which was then served to all club members over a salad that Paul had brought.  Paul gave each attendee a bag containing his own preparation of “Split Mix soil”, two 4” pots and three packets of vegetable, herb or flower seeds.  


Head hostess Lisa Tavakoli and her team provided a beautiful and tasty Valentine’s day spread complete with hot chocolate, heart shaped cookies and a variety of other delicious and eye-catching treats.  Lisa also shared her collection of antique Valentine’s day cards arranged on the table, perfectly showcasing the lovely floral arrangement designed by Zoe Antonopoulos.

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