WGC Members Enjoy Tour and Dinner at Two Seaside Gardens 2012

     On Thursday evening, June 21st about fifty members of the garden club, met at Marie R's and Jan C's adjoining seaside gardens in Adams Shore.  The evening was a hot one, but we all found ways to keep cool under trees and umbrellas. Jan's back garden is in full shade and she has used well combinations of hosta, with astilbe, huechera, and montauk daisy; her side driveway if filled with lilies, daylilies and irises and the front yard with roses, dwarf rhododendrom, and hydrangea. Marie's front garden is stunning with grasses and other very structural shrubs; she has more than eight different varieties of hydrangea, and we puzzled over the type of Italian fruit tree in her back yard. Both these gardens properties face Quincy Bay and regularly receive fog, wind and salt spray.

     Hostesses Susan Lynch and Leah Shea outdid themselves in providing a wonderful four-course al fresco meal. The appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts were all provided by the club members attending; all of the dinner choices were delicious. Cold drinks were really appreciated and a big hit.

Kay Borek and Kathy Ceurvels presided over a fun raffle with bonsai plants, mini summer  floral arrangements, created by Pat Artis and  hydrangea planters designed by Susan Lynch. Garden gloves were on sale as they will be at all future club events.

     New members attending were welcomed warmly. It was fun to just sit back and chat about the gardens, our gardens, and our lives. Garden club members have so much in common and it's really enjoyable to take the time to get to know each other better. Our final conversations were held out in the seawall gardens of both Marie and Jan, watching a brilliant sunset. over Quincy Bay and the Boston skyline. 

Click here for a photo show of the Members Garden Tour 2012...