Wollaston Garden Club Celebrates the Rose in Bloom At the Granite Workers’ Memorial Rose Garden

Members of the Wollaston Garden Club have long admired the well landscaped and beautiful rose garden and public park in West Quincy on Copeland Street – a partnership between the Quincy Parks Department and local resident gardeners. On Thursday evening June 23,  club members gathered at the site to host a catered picnic and ceremony honoring the rose garden’s lead gardeners and recently deceased WGC past president, Barbara L. Ryan.

          Pat Artis, garden club president presented, Steve Cantelli, a certificate for his long-standing commitment to beautify the West Quincy community and his leadership in developing the city’s only public rose garden. Also honored were rose garden volunteers Alba Tocci and Barbara Persampieri. Cantelli explained the history of the site and gave tours through the garden paths. More than 26 different varieties of roses can be found in the garden. Master Gardener, Cynthia Lewis provided members with rose care information.

          The catered picnic was a gift to the club given in honor of retired Quincy teacher and garden club president, Barbara Ryan. Ryan was remembered for her keen wit and love of beautiful gardens.  Hospitality for the event was led by Susan Lynch and Karen Lundsgaard with assistance from Maria Holster, Elaine McGrail, and Jan Clifford. Cynthia Lewis created three beautiful centerpieces - arrangements of roses and garden perennials. This event was the final part of a club program devoted to learning about roses; beginning in May with a lecture on “rose basics”, and followed by a field trip to two public rose gardens in Boston and Brookline.

          Garden club members came away with an increased awareness and appreciation of what a committed group of people can do in a neighborhood to create a place of beauty and serenity.


See Jan Clifford's wonderful slide show


  • Promote and encourage the love of gardening, the study of horticulture, and the development of floral and landscape design skills.
  • Aid in the protection and conservation of our environment.
  • Promote, encourage and support civic beautification throughout the City of Quincy.