Workshop - Creating a Cement Container

On Saturday, September 24, a group of 9 members gathered at Anita Fasano's house to learn how to make cement containers to use indoors or out.  


Anita and her husband David first showed the group a number of containers they had made over the course of the summer, and showed us a number of different shapes and textures that could be used to vary the appearance of each. David explained the proportions he uses for each type of container--those with sand added to the cement are heavier, and those with perlite and peat moss added are lighter.  Color can be added to either mixture.  


David did all the mixing, and each member selected the style, color and weight they wanted.  Each container was put in a plastic bag to dry for about a week.  Once dried, a hole will be drilled in the bottom and the container is ready to be planted.