Cynthia Lewis demonstrating how to embellish a wreath with wiring technique.



Greens Sale 2013

Committee Members and Volunteers


The holiday season is now upon us, and it's time to start signing up for the various roles available to our members and friends.  We have learned that members enjoy the many activities involved in operating a successful Holiday Greens sale, even if they haven't specifically signed up for the Greens Sale committee.  Times are approximate and are adjusted as we complete particular aspects.  The following is an abbreviated description of the days leading up to the sale:


Wednesday, December 4--Starting at about 5 pm--set up tables, label and set out greens, Floral arranging committee begins in the evening preparing table and mantel arrangements


Thursday, December 5--Mantis delivers wreaths at about 11 am, which need to be untied and placed on work stations.  Embellishments are set up in various locations for Table Captains to draw from, Table captains arrive early (about noon) and set up their team's work area with the appropriate embellishments, greens and live material.  Wreath/Swag makers arrive at 2 pm for first shift of wreath making.  Second shift arrives at 6 pm.  For those who don't make it to the club meeting on November 21, Cynthia L.will be doing a brief workshop and be available to provide advice and assistance.  All wreaths will most likely be completed by the end of the day--usually 9 pm at the latest.  If wreaths/swags are completed early, bagging of leftover greens will begin.


Friday, December 6--starting at 10 am, complete bagging of leftover greens, complete final room set up, Pick up/drop off of outside containers, which are being done offsite during the week leading up to the sale.


Saturday, December 7--Sale Day!  Arrive beginning at 7:30 to insure room set up, bring in additional arrangements, team photo at 8:30.  


We need members to volunteer for the following tasks--table captains, room set up, greens collection, wreath/swag making, sales associates and runners.  Also looking for people to do some wiring of pine cones and other dried materials ahead of time.  We have a lot of shells, both wired and unwired, as well as pine cones from last year.  We will need to string cranberries the week of the sale.  Please contact me directly by phone at 617-471-4635 or by email if you are willing to volunteer for any of these functions.  We already have a number of people signed up, so if you signed up at the last meeting, we have you on the list.  Sign up sheets will be available at the November club meeting as well.


Marie Z and Anne Marie B have done a great job of lining up volunteers to provide food for the workers, so there will be plenty to eat while you're working.  


We also have a great need for more greens this year--last year, we ran out and people were disappointed.  Please don't collect the greens until the week of the sale so that they're not dried out, keep them in green trash bags in a cool location, and try to clean them off as much as possible so we're not bringing in a lot of debris to the social hall. Collected greens can be brought to the back door of the church starting Wednesday, December 4.  If you know of somewhere that greens are available but are unable to get them yourself, please let me know and we will try to get someone over there to assist.  Complete list of greens that we usually have is in the yearbook.  


Thanks to everyone,  Jan


Greens Sale 2012 Crew




Another Successful Greens Sale in December 2012!!!!!!!!




You have probably seen the ad our club took out in the Quincy Sun, thanking the community for supporting our Greens Sale once again. However, the real “Thank you” should go to you, our club members and friends, for all your hard work during the weeks and months leading up to the sale, not to mention the sale day itself. Each year we get a little better at learning from the prior year’s experiences, and come up with new designs, novelties, and products to keep the sale interesting to our long-time customers as well as attracting new customers.


This year was no exception. We went back to having a third preparation day, but continued the practice of doing as much as possible off site in the weeks leading up to the sale, so that when the final few days came around, we could focus on those items that needed to be totally fresh, such as wreaths, swags, indoor and outdoor arrangements and bagged greens, secure in the knowledge that we had plenty of beautiful bows, pine cones and shells to embellish each one. Financially, this was our most successful year ever.


           Our membership came through in a big way, volunteering to work all three days and evenings, bringing food to feed the hungry workers, and coming up with some last minute ideas for small gifts and novelties. We were finished in plenty of time to make sure the room was all set to go first thing Saturday morning and were delighted to see that even some non-members came to work the sale just for the fun of it. If you want to re-live the week start to finish, or if you didn’t have an opportunity to see everything that went on, just click on the attached link for a pictorial version, which will take about 7 ½ minutes to view.


As always, the Board and Officers thank all of you for your support and dedication to making this such a successful and, above all, enjoyable event.




                                                                                                                Jan Clifford, WGC President


For photos, go HERE

Greens Sale 2011

2011 Greens Sale Crew



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