Cultivating Community


Located in Quincy, Massachusetts and incorporated in 1931 we are currently celebrating our 86th year!  We presently have 117 members including men and women gardeners of all ages, abilities and interests, from novice to master gardener.


We are members of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc ( and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. ( 


Most of our educational programs and meetings are open to the community. Member’s programs include field trips and workshops in floral design and horticulture. Our civic beautification committee maintains a number of public sites in the city of Quincy, and our conservation committee is actively involved in projects preserving the environment in our city. 


We encourage local gardeners interested in joining our club to attend a meeting or two, and read the club By-Laws, membership responsibilities and other pertinent information located in the Members section of this site. 


Hingham Garden Club - President's Tea

Wollaston Garden Club members attended the Hingham Garden Club President's Tea.  Sarah Boynton presented at the event and highlighted Botanical Art jewelry 

Mt Auburn Cemetery field trip 

Wollaston Garden Club members enjoyed a tour of the Mt Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA. 


Mount Auburn Cemetery inspires all who visit, comforts the bereaved, and commemorates the dead in a landscape of exceptional beauty.

Students Composting

During this school year, students at the Montessori school on Wollaston Hill in Quincy have been learning about composting.  To help the students learn through practical application, longtime Wollaston Garden Club member Kay Borek, an active composter, invited the students to visit her composting bin once a week.  The children save their lunch scraps, fruits, and vegetables, proudly delivering their compostable materials to Kay’s compost bin every Friday at noon. 

It's quite remarkable to see the 3-5 year olds, walking in pairs down the sidewalk, led by their teacher, Oonagh Connolly, delivering their compostable materials. Even more impressive is how much the children have learned and understand the value of composting and how their small contribution helps the environment.

Bravo to Kay and Oonagh for this initiative.

Spring Plant Sale!

One again, Wollaston Garden Club came together as a team for this years Spring Plant Sale.   Members of the community were lined up early to buy the hundreds of plants, succulents, herbs, and vegetables. Thanks to everyone who helped make this years sale a success.

Art In Bloom  - April 2019

Each spring the Museum of Fine Arts celebrates Art in Bloom - a festival of fine art and flowers. Wollaston Garden Club members Ruth Griffin and Jo Costello created an arrangement for the American wing.


We come to the oil painting “Long Branch, New Jersey” by American artist Winslow Homer.  Here, he captures a sunny day along the atlantic sea board, the lights catching the crevasses of the rising sand bluff as proper persons leisurely enjoy the view.  Well dressed men and women gallivant the shore line of this desirable 1860’s resort destination, where as many as seven of our countries presidents vacationed.  Two women in refined attire admire the seascape below, both in billowing petticoats, one shielding herself from the sun with a vanilla parasol and the other peering through her lorgnette.  Her parasol is held, ferrule down, spoke tips open just enough to reveal a bright red lining which complements the red accessory on her hat quite nicely.  


Complementary to the painting itself, is this exquisite floral arrangement by Wollaston Garden Club’s Ruth Griffin and her assistant Jo Costello.  The vessel for the arrangement is a found object, selected for its similarity in shape to the woman’s parasol.  It is shellacked black to mimic the tone of her skirt, offering contrast to an otherwise predominately pale pallet. The rim of the vessel was hand-painted red to draw our eye to the red lining of the parasol.  The bleached Italian Ruscus create the first layer of greenery and protrude just over the rim, reminiscent of a lacy frock often worn by well-to-do women of the 1800’s.  Just above the Ruscus sit red Carnations, suggesting a ruffled texture and pop of color in the same vein as the adornment on the woman's hat and the red lining.  Above the red Carnations, are a grouping of White Freesia and Ranunculus, soliciting both a softness and detailed structure to the piece.  The white flowers bring your attention to the sun soaked parasols and ruffled hems of windswept garments.  Whitewashed beach bungalows and milky sands occupy much of the paintings colors scheme, therefore, gauzy White Baby’s Breath protrude from the top of the encircled flowers.  The Baby’s Breath gives a whimsical interpretation of tiny flecks of white, reflecting on boats in the distance, a bright spot among the clouds, or individuals just barely in view.  The arrangement is finished with tall pieces of Gypsophila and Bear Grass, extending in the center, just behind the Baby’s Breath mimicking the actual beachgrass atop the dunes.  The grass extends upwards but also bends to reflect the feeling of the soft and salty sea breeze we experience when you take a moment to escape into Homer’s depiction of “Long Branch, New Jersey”.



Wollaston Garden Club member Cynthia Lewis and her niece created an arrangement for Houghs Neck Garden Club.

April 2019 - C. L. Fornari "Myths, Lies and all the Latest Dirt"

At this years Tri-Club Meeting C. L. Fornari presented "Myths, Lies and all the Latest Dirt. C. L., aka The Garden Lady is an author, speaker, and radio host. She's also a co-host of Plantrama, a podcast about plants, and a plant geek at Hyannis Country Garden on Cape Cod.


C. L.'s lively and informative preserntation showed that sometimes information that is passed from gardener to gardener is rock solid wisdom but occasionally some sommonly held beliefs about plants and gardens are misleading or out and out false or new research contraticts traditional gardening practices.


Thank you to our head hostess, Virginia Duffy and her many assistants for the delicious appetizers, dinner and desserts, and to Marylynn Sullivan, Ruth Griffin and Marie Ricci for all the floral arrangements.  Thank you to Anita Fasano for her contributions to the Opportunity Drawing and Diane Hill for the beautiful bookmarks for all the attendees.  And a big thank you to our Special Events Chairs, Susan Lynch and Janet Lynch for a great evening.


Thank you to all members of Houghs Neck and Squantum Garden Clubs who attended.



Web site:


Fornari Myths Lies and the Latest Dirt.p[...]
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Spring Cleaning Has Started!


Cleaner Greener Quincy

Civic Beautification committee members continue spring clean up in Quincy,  raking, spreading bark mulch and planting flowers.





Members of the Civic Beautification committee working at Stafford Park, April 2, 2019


March 2019 - Anna Holmes "Creating Floral Arrangements"


Withover 40 years of floral design experience, Anna Holmes created six floral arrangements for Wollaston Garden Club members.  Anna showed members how to picked materials, principles of design, choosing and care for flowers.


Annas arrangements ranged from a hostess gift, plant basket, a centerpiece, succulent wall hanging and a design using candles.


Thank you the head hostess Rosemary Gilbody and her assistants for a delicious lunch and to Mary Cassidy for the table floral arrangements and Susan Lynch for the buffet table arrangement.


Anna Holmes web site



Wollaston Garden Club Designers Enter the 2019 Boston Flower and Garden Show

Three members of the Wollaston Garden Club have entered the Floral Design Division of the Boston Flower and Garden Show held on March 13 – 17 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The Board of the club voted to support much of the cost of their entries.


On the first Entry Day of Wednesday (March 13) and Thursday (March 14) all three club designers are entered. Cynthia Lewis is creating a driftwood armature with orchids, veronica, and flax for Class 4 “Drifting Away” (A Creative Design Incorporating Driftwood). Pat Artis is arranging a Class 5 “Let’s Go Diving” (An Underwater Design) using sago palm and anthurium in a fantastic huge glass vase. Ruth Griffin and her granddaughter Cora Rose Bebo have created a fairy garden in a round container with found objects like rocks, acorn caps, snail shells, mini garden gnomes, succulents and a house made of birch and a hornet;s nest for Class 6 “Mini Vacation” (A Fairy Garden for Youth: Ages 5-17).


On the 2nd Entry days of Friday, March 15 through Sunday, March 17, Pat Artis and Tom Lubonja are entered in Class 1 “Lunch on the Beach” (An Alfresco Table Design for Two). Their design has linens and table settings in the colors of blue, white, and yellow with a picnic-like basket for the floral arrangement.


Members of the Wollaston Garden Club who take Sogetsu Ikebana classes with honorary club member Joanne Caccavalle are participating in various ways. Kathy Mitchell, Jo Costello, Ruth Griffin, and Pat Artis, and are serving as Ikebana docents and Pat Artis is creating an educational Ikebana exhibit for March 13-14.

Quincy Recycles

The City of Quincys' mission of the Waste and Recycling Division is to manage the collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, household hazardous waste, recyclables, and yardwaste in a manner that is environmentally sound, cost-effective, and safe.


The top 5 contaminants found in a recent audit of Quincy recycling are:

  • Plastic bags — Not recyclable.
  • Food waste — Rinse all containers.
  • Ropes, hoses, chains and cable — Not recyclable.
  • Household hazardous materials — Hold for Haz Mat days June 9 and September 29.
  • Needles — Call Clean Harbors Sharps Management program (855) 633-9783


Click here for  Recycling Guidelines

City of Quincy Recycle 

Recycling in Quincy.pdf
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February 2019 - "Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds, Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces and Dealing with Climate Change"

David Epstein presented "Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds, Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces and Dealing with Climate Change."  David has been a horticulturalist and meteorologist for over 25 years.   He is the founder of Growing Wisdom, producing educational and marketing videos for the green industry.


David offered many vegetable garden tips, how to have oragnic greens April til November, and how climate change is predicted.  


Thank you to our head hostess, Eleanor Cleveland and her assisants for the lovely buffet lunch and to Kathy Mitchell and Helga de Torres for the buffet floral arrnagement and table arrangements.




Web site



January 2019 - Rebecca Warner "Welcoming Native Plants and Insects to Your Garden"

Rebecca Warner, a home gardener in Newton, Massachusetts with thirty years’ experience working toward a sustainable garden presented  "Welcoming Native Plants and Insects to Your Garden."  When she’s not gardening, she’s a geriatric psychiatrist. In the last five years she has overhauled her garden practices, from composting to mulching, lawn care to irrigation.


Rebecca described how to choose beautiful plants to attract beneficial insects and pollinators.  She explained how to strike the right balance of insects in your garden and the truth about native plants, the good citizens and the thugs.  


Rebecca's book The Sustainable-Enough Garden is available on her web site below.


Thank you to our head hostess, Jackie Ryan and her assistants for the wonderful buffet table full of treats, and to Anne McCarthy for the buffet table floral arrangement.


Web Site:




Native Plant Pollinators.pdf
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Grow Native.pdf
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Native Plant for New England.pdf
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Gardening for Life.pdf
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Wreaths Across America

Wollaston Garden Club members participated in Wreaths Across America.  Each December Wreaths Across America coordinate wreath laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetaries and over 1,600 additional locations.  Wreaths Across America's mission is to honor veterans from the Revelutionary war to present day conflicts.


Holiday Plant Swap 2018

Wollaston Garden Club members closed out the year with their annual Holiday Luncheon and Plant Swap.  Thanks to Carol Fischer for hosting the event and her incredible plant knowledge.  A fun, cheerful time was had by all.




Garden Therapy Workshop

Wollaston Garden Club members Anneli Johnson, Ann Forsman and Jackie Ryan organized a Garden Therapy Wreath making worksop at The Atrium at Faxon Woods.




2018 Holiday Greens Sale

The Holiday Greens Sale opened Saturday morning to a line around the building. Linda Monaco and her event commitee worked hard planning the event ensuring the sale was a success.


Thank you to all members who worked on the Greens Sale.  



Holiday Greens Sale

Holiday Greens Sale  - behind the scenes

November 2018 - Lisa Ahern presents "Holiday Inspiration"


Lisa Ahern presented "Holiday Inspirations."  Lisa, a florist who specializes in home decor and floral design, is the main buyer at Cedar Grove Gardens in Dorchester.  Lisa presented 4 unique holiday designs for the home.  


Lisa provided a list of her must haves tools for floral design:



Oasis Waterproof Tape

Wire - spool and stick

Quick Wire (flocked)

Floral Tape

Water Pics

Sharp Scissors

Sharp Knife

Flower Snips

Prong Sheers

Wire Cutter

Corsage and Bout Pins

Bamboo Skewers


Thank you to our head hostess, Nancy Kelly and her assisants for the wonderful desserts and to Suzanne West for the buffet table arrangement.  Also a big thanks to everyone who contributed to the local food drive.



Web site:

Landscape Design School 2018

Landscape Design School (Course 1) sponsored by the GCFM was held this year on October 25 & 26 in Lexington. Four WGC members participated. Gail Spring took the exam and became a Landscaoe Design Consultant; Cynthia Lewis became a Master Landscape Design Consultant; and Pat Artis and Anita Fasano have one more year to go until they become Master Landscape Design Consultants.
The mission of LDS is to educate garden club members and the public to recognize good landscape design practices and to serve as guardians and critics of the natural and man-made landscape. Course 1 focused on: basics of a site plan; color in the landscape; space, design and people; principles and elements of landscape design; developing your home grounds; design for the environment; landscape design resources; development of landscape design; and public landscapes. 
Active garden club members who successfully complete each course are awarded a club sponsored scholarship for attending any of the GCFM Schools.
Pictured:  Cynthia Lews, Anita Fasano, Pat Artis, and Gail Spring

October 2018 - Weeds and Wildlife


Mike Nelson a retired educator from Norfolk Country Agricultural

School presented a lively discussion on Weeds and Wildlife.  Mike explained the different type of weeds, Monocot and Dicot, and how to kill them using various methods.  Mike also offered many tips on keeping wildlife at bay.


Thank you to our head hostess Ellen Donnelly and her assistants for a delicious lunch, and to Lisa Tavakoli for the buffet table arrangement and Susan Lynch for the table arrangements. 

September 2018 - "The Art in Bloom Road Show"

An MFA Art in Bloom Senior Associate, Meg Pierce presented a colorful PowerPoint presentation depicting behind-the-scenes preparations for the Art in Bloom annual festival of art and flowers. Stunning examples of floral interpretations of MFA art objects were shown. A live floral interpretation of a museum masterpiece Dancing Willows by Arthue Dove was created  by Thu-Hang Tran.  The demonstration included expert arranging tips. 


Thanks to our head hostess, Claire Turck and her associates for the wonderful desserts, and to Zoe Antonopoulos for the buffet table floral arrangement.

Our Mission:

  • Promote and encourage the love of gardening, the study of horticulture, and the development of floral and landscape design skills.
  • Aid in the protection and conservation of our environment.
  • Promote, encourage and support civic beautification throughout the City of Quincy.